Thursday, November 10, 2011


So Tobaski is a Muslim holiday where families are suppose to kill a ram if they have the money to buy one.  Then there are three days of eating and eating some more.  My host uncle has the money so we got a nice ram.  The ram had to be washed before hand to make sure it was clean.

Posing with a clean ram

After that they killed it and then we started to butcher it.  Butchering in The Gambia is a little different than in America.  Here we use somewhat sharp knives that have been sharpened on a concrete block and machetes.  It seems to get the job done.

The fine art of Gambian butchering

My friend Ben sent me some great bicycling magazines.  One day when my little brother came in and saw that I was reading one he wanted to read one or actually look at the pictures.  He flips through them pretty quickly but he is always talking to himself and giggling at them so they must be good. 

My brother Yaya, a big ROAD fan
I also received some crayons in another care package from another friend.  My three younger siblings come in every couple days in the morning for art and cookies.  They get a piece of paper and one crayon at a time to draw.  They laugh and giggle and seem to enjoy it. 
Howa, Salifoow and Yaya