Friday, March 30, 2012

Naming Ceremony

One of my best friends in my village wife just gave birth to a baby girl.  Monday was the Naming ceremony and it was quite the party.  I brought out a brand new “completo,” for the event.  I was even called out to dance for all the women.  They started singing me a song and I couldn’t resist. 

Me and Cutty, Yaya's sister dancing

Showing them how to dance again

Below are a few pictures of some people at the ceremony. 
"Baby Sue"

My aunt and "baby Sue"

Me and Fatou and baby Fatoumata

My cousin Ie and Fatou

Here is a picture of my cousin’s one month old baby boy “Ousman.” 

Baby Osman

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Forest Work

Las Sunday was village work in the community forest.  This means in theory one person from every compound should show up and work. Well in reality 15 men showed up and we all went to the forest and cleared about a 15-20 ft path on the boarder of the forest to protect it from bush fires.
finished clearing

We only worked for about 3 hours because the sun was hot and people started to get tired.  Halfway through we got breakfast.  Breakfast included juice, bread with either butter, mayo or chocolate spread.  I went with the chocolate and a half of butter.

Overall it was a success, we cleared about 300 meters.  We still have a lot left to clear but slowly we will get it all cleared.
The workers