Monday, May 13, 2013

Family Dinner

I harvested some of my beets and onions from my other garden.  The beets were grown from seeds from Territorial Seed Co.   They grew really well and they tasted great!  They had a real mild flavor.  We took the harvest along with some other vegetables that I bought from the market and we made a nice family and friend dinner.   We made spaghetti sauce from scratch and a cheese, caramelized peanut, date, olive, raison, beet salad, garlic bread, enchiladas and green salad. 
The dinner was amazing and we all stuffed our faces. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Urban Gardening in West Africa

Living in the city sometimes you have to find things to keep you busy.  I enjoy gardening and I enjoy eating vegetables.  I had a garden in the village and loved it.  When I moved my neighbor a fellow IT PCV had a couple cut bidongs and was going tomatoes. 
My under window garden
I currently have a bumper crop of sweet green peppers growing, two types of basil, oregano and cilantro.  I recently planted butternut squash and cayenne peppers.  I have sowed cucumbers 3 times and I hope this final time they will germinate.  My plan is to plant some eggplant and dill for the upcoming months. 

I drink a lot of Ovaltine

Some basil

squash and cucumber

Front yard garden

Oregano and cilantro


Sweet Peppers
I started collecting bidongs and composting my kitchen scraps.  I mixed some soil and started filling containers and planting things. 

Fly proof compost bidong
Sidenote:  I finally took a picture of the sweet fabric that I bought in Togo.

Sweet Togo Fabric