Friday, May 3, 2013

Urban Gardening in West Africa

Living in the city sometimes you have to find things to keep you busy.  I enjoy gardening and I enjoy eating vegetables.  I had a garden in the village and loved it.  When I moved my neighbor a fellow IT PCV had a couple cut bidongs and was going tomatoes. 
My under window garden
I currently have a bumper crop of sweet green peppers growing, two types of basil, oregano and cilantro.  I recently planted butternut squash and cayenne peppers.  I have sowed cucumbers 3 times and I hope this final time they will germinate.  My plan is to plant some eggplant and dill for the upcoming months. 

I drink a lot of Ovaltine

Some basil

squash and cucumber

Front yard garden

Oregano and cilantro


Sweet Peppers
I started collecting bidongs and composting my kitchen scraps.  I mixed some soil and started filling containers and planting things. 

Fly proof compost bidong
Sidenote:  I finally took a picture of the sweet fabric that I bought in Togo.

Sweet Togo Fabric

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