Friday, March 4, 2011

My new Gambian home

I have just returned from four days visiting my site and village that I will be spending the next two years at.  The village is small but I like it and I am excited about being a member of the village.  They have a large community forest and garden.  The garden is amazing, you walk through a forest and it opens up to a picture out of Jurassic Park; Rolling green hills with large trees and exotic birds flying around.  When I first saw it I stopped and reminded myself that I am not dreaming. I am in Africa; this is something that I have found myself doing repeatedly since I have stepped off of the plane.  

What I will be calling home for the next two days has two large rooms.  The backyard is brand new, which means the pit latrine is brand new which means no bad smell or flies.  There is enough room to do a lot of planting and growing of random plants and trees.  I also have a three foot tall banana tree.  The only down side of my new house is the brand new corrugated tin metal that they use to fence in the bathroom/showering area, It will be hot come the rainy season.

I will be in “town,” for the next ten days.  I use the term “town” loosely; it really means I will be around a computer during this time so I should be able to respond to e-mails promptly.  I also am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get some pictures up.  

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