Friday, May 27, 2011

Last day of training

Yesterday was our last day of training. It was another day packed full of fun.  We learned about erosion control and how we can use local material to help in fixing and preventing further erosion damage.  In the raining season that is approaching within the next month erosion is a huge problem.  We where shown how you can put chain link fence down then stack large rocks, then put the fencing over it and secure it then put cement on the front and back and sides.  This will hope fully catch much of the sediment that the water is bring down from this already deep crevasse that was created by erosion.  

Ben and I working hard

Emily throwing boulders

 A couple guys came from the department of agriculture and they brought with them a level and stadia rod.  I was very surprised to see them show up with it but I took through it and reminded me of a few months ago now when I was using them daily.  We used the equipment to see how much the sediment would fill up the gully.  

Looking through the level

 The rest of the day was filled with composting, gardening and talking about other planting techniques.  It was good I learned a lot and my counterpart at the end of the day was very happy about learning so much.  I was very happy I was able to give him the opportunity to learn some more techniques over the past couple days and hopefully he can share the information to some more people back in the village

Lion cat

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