Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Basketball Camp day #2

So teaching Gambian kids how to play basketball is very interesting.  We have had a very good turnout thus far.  Originally they had over 400 kids register.  Many of the kids I believe are lacking much of the fundamentals that they should have for their age and they are simply relying on their athleticism to get them by in games.  

the main court

the outside of the main court

In the mornings we go through drills and instruction to PE teachers and coaches. In the afternoon those same students turn around to be the teachers in the afternoon to the girls and the high school kids.  I have been working with the high school aged boys and mainly let the Gambian coaches coach them and mainly just put my input in if needed. So far it has been very successful. 
Tommy Davis doing some instructing

A few of us went to an Italian restaurant that is friendly to Peace Corps and it was amazing.  I had garlic bread and calzone, it has rivaled any calzone I have had in the states.

The Gambian National Stadium
The courts we are using are at the National Stadium complex.  We are using two courts, the US Embassy helped along with sponsors to fix them up and repaint them.  They are very nice.

the second court


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