Monday, April 30, 2012

Naming Ceremony again

I have been to a couple Naming ceremonies in my village the last couple weeks.  The first one I went to I got some of the pictures developed or “washed” as they say here and gave them to people.  Now whenever I go to a ceremony or pretty much whenever people see me they ask me to take their picture and develop it for them.  There are people that come to different ceremonies and take pictures and sell them for usually 15-25 Dalasi but I found a place near the Peace Corps office that will develop them for 10D.  So people are much happier to pay less and I do it for them.   

My host mother and I

Two of the three sisters Doobali and Narra

Sister number three Naakoo and her family
A couple of older women
Last Wednesday there was another naming ceremony and I went to it.  I am friends with the mother and her sisters and so I pretty much just took their picture and the pictures of whoever wanted one for the entire day.  I did manage to sneak myself into some of the pictures. 

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