Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mail Run

I just got back from mail run.  Mail run is where two PCV’s go all over the country delivering letters, packages and anything else that needs to be delivered to them.  This can be a box of food someone bought in the city and is sending to their site because it’s too large and heavy to take it themselves or even bikes, mattresses or buckets.  I went with Abby, we had signed up for this adventure over a year and a half ago.  
Day 1

Big Sam the driver

Day 1 Packed full

On the ferry

Rush hour traffic

water crossing

Sitting in the back

switching cars

Day 3

On day three our 4wd went out in our car and we only had 4th gear.  The next day another driver brought us another car and so we took that one and continued on and he took the broken one back to the office.

We were lucky because the weather was nice the whole time.  We got a little rain here and there on us but it was perfect.  We got to see a lot of volunteer’s sites and made a lot people happy by bringing them unexpected packages and letters from home.
I had fun and I am tired from sitting in a car for 5 days but it was well worth it.