Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Motherland

87 days since I last wrote anything.  I haven’t forgotten, I have procrastinated without an excuse.  Now that I sit down and think a lot has gone one since that one November day.   I have moved into the “city,” I live in an apartment that is similar to America, TV, microwave, stove/oven and a refrigerator.  It has running water and power also.  It’s nice, about a 10 minute walk to the PC office where I work now.  It’s a little bit of an adjustment, no screaming kids, wondering farm animals or bucket baths; on the other side of the coin I now have what we call “Kombo problems.”  These problems entail having to replace light bulbs, getting out of bed in the middle of the night to flip the power switch to generator power from the local grid as to keep the fan blowing air on me while I sleep.  Some of the other volunteers roll their eyes at these so called problems but it doesn’t bother me. 
Sister and Brother in Law

I went back to America for my sister’s wedding.  It was nice, it was dead of winter and it took some tie for my body to get use to the below freezing temperatures.  Less than 24 hours after arriving in the US I was put in car and headed for a 2 day road trip to Utah.   Being alone for so long and doing my own thing and then being put in a car for 2 days and not being able to get alone it a great way to get over culture shock and adjust back to America.
Sister and I
I got to see Park City, Utah and parts of the Salt Lake City area that I had not seen before.  We had some spare time one day so my dad and I and one of my new relatives decided to sneak in some fly fishing.  I didn’t have any gear but we found a great little fly shop and rented some gear and hit the river.  It was probably one of the best moments of my trip.  I didn’t catch squat but it was great to just get out and do some fly fishing.  My sister’s wedding was great.  A winter wedding I think it the way to go.  I took lots of notes for when I get married. 
The Provo River
Luckily we got to fly back to Oregon and I was very thankful of that, I couldn’t go through another 2 day road trip.  My time back in Oregon was short and sweet.  I did have time to fit in a new hobby which is always good.  I did a little leather work while I was home and made this leather knife sheath for my dad before I left.  I have big plans whenever I get stateside to add this hobby to my repertoire of hobbies.
The Masterpiece
Overall my trip was great; glad I went home and got to see family and friends.  I get to go back to the states for a month whenever I want now since I have extended.  I don’t know when that will be but it looks like it will be next winter again. But who knows..
I have gone back to my former village a couple times to visit and eat some home cooking.  Last weekend I went and after a few minutes of just sitting on the bench in front of the house I looked around and thought to myself that I should be doing something.  Village life is so much slower and quieter.  I forgot how much I appreciate that life; it was a very nice change.  I spent most of the time in the gardens helping women with their gardens and just mainly hanging out.  I came home with all my clothes washed, a bag of grapefruits and lettuce. 

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