Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chicago - The Final Frontier...

I made it to Chicago on Monday night with no problems.  There is some GREAT pizza here.  My first day of orientation was today, and I'm getting more and more excited. 

The final to-do list: 1) eat more pizza before I leave, 2) get a yellow fever shot, 3) hop on a shuttle, 4) hop on a plane. 

This will be my last post for a while, but keep that snail mail comin!

So you can start practicing your Gambian for your visit - here are some common phrases

Thank youAbarakaJerejef
HelloAsalamu AlikumA Salamu Alikum
How are you?Heraba / I be di?Na Nga Def?
Good MorningHera LaataJamangen Fanaan
Good EveningI WuraaraJamangen Enddu
GoodbyeFo Waati KotengCi Jamma
TonightBii SuutooCi Gudi Gii
How MuchJelu?Nyaatala?
What is your name?I Ton Ndii?Na Ka Nga Tudda?


  1. It's Michelle! I'll be following your adventures and make them good because I am going to be living vicariously through you. Love Ya Be Good Be Safe Be Productive and most of all Be YOU!

  2. I totally recognize the question marks in the gambian phrases. Perhaps I'm a natural when it comes to picking up a second language. I hope you are doing well and having the time of your life.