Friday, January 14, 2011


Quick update

I have moved into my training village.  My host family speaks Mandinka and that is also, what I am learning.  The language learning is going slow but I am picking it up It isn’t a mud hut technically like I thought because they add cement to the mud when making the blocks.  There is no electricity and I shower using a coffee cup and bucket.  The food is good rice, fish, and vegetables with a  sauce of sorts.

TSA didn’t actually steal anything, I searched a little harder and found them so a sigh of relief there. 


  1. I hope you update this regularly because i plan on following you!

  2. Your mom mentioned you didn't get reception inside on your last call. That would make sense if you're staying in a hut made of cement and mud! Thanks for the updates Mike!

  3. Hey buddy, I'm so glad to see you finding passion in your life. I'm excited to follow your progress, what an incredibly educating journey full of life lessons. I'm very proud of you.

    Coach Bolf