Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In Service Training

So we just finished up a week long technical training in Basse.  This training was for the new volunteers that Just sworn in three months ago.  We taught grafting, all aspects of tree growing and gardening, then their counterparts came and we taught them the same thing. 
It was hot like 110+ hot.  I forgot what hot is like and I understood how I lost so much weight, when it’s hot all you do is drink warm water and you don’t eat.  
Thats me in the middle


84lbs of onions


onion moving

onion drying

Getting the perfect shot

The US Ambassador said “this is the best onion I have gotten all day”

one I forgot from The Fatou Show

I am back in the city now for a while.  It’s nice to have a fan to sleep under throughout the night and actually enjoy the cool evening breeze. 
I am headed to my village for a mini staycation tomorrow

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