Sunday, April 21, 2013

To go to Togo

I recently was sent to another small West African country called Togo.  It is between Benin and Ghana.  I was there for six days and it was pretty sweet.  The workshop I attended was really great and I learned a lot.  I was lucky enough to stay right on the ocean. The View was amazing!! 
My Room
The View
Sweet Picture in my Room
At any one time you could see like 50-75 ships just a few miles off of the coast waiting to go into the neighboring ports.  There are pirates in the area so they stay close to the coast line for safety.  
The Ships
Togolese flowers
As we were driving around I took some pictures of a bank and of the ECOWAS building.  I thought the architecture was pretty different than what I have seen in West Africa.

Hard at work
ECOWAS building

another building

Ben and I sittin gon some rice bags

 The Togolese police had some of the sweetest trucks I have ever seen super reinforced.

I am Food Secure!!

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