Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mikey's Gift Registry

I have been asked by people, “What can I send you?”  Well here is a list of things you can send.  There are things that I have forgotten that I know I will remember as soon as I get back to my village and I sit down hungry and wish I had (enter anything delicious here). Food is important, I eat a lot.  I eat my three meals with my family and then supplement it with lots of local peanut butter, crackers, jam, and any other food people send me or I buy in the city.   I seem to continue to lose weight, I don’t really seem too concerned to weigh less than 190 lbs now.  On a recent hiking trip I mentioned to some friends it’s a lot easier to hike when you lose 70lbs.  This list will change constantly and be updated.  So check in on a regular basis.  If you do send foods, put it in ziplocks and package it well so nothing will puncture the package.  Besides food there are other entertainments I could use.

Sunflower seeds- any flavor but hot
Granola bars- odwalla, cliff etc all delicious
Trail mix
Mac and cheese packets
Any food that you can just add water too- instant pasta, soups, NO RICE A RONIE
Any candy or sweet food
Any junk food lying around your house you don’t want
Any homemade treats
Dried fruit

Any good books
Magazines- hunting, sports, sports illustrated, Time, Newsweek etc
XL pearl snap shirts
2012 Oregon Hunting regulation book
Sudoku books or puzzles
Good earplugs


  1. Would you want my Time magazines? After I read them they just get tossed. They will not be current when you get them, but great articles non-the-less. I'm seeing Tarah tomorrow and will get your mailing address.

  2. YES!!!! I will take them, My address is in the upper right hand side of the blog. Thanks Mikey