Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A few days ago I went and helped harvest watermelons with a guy in my village along with my younger host brother.  I show up and they start cutting open 2 or 3 watermelons and you eat until you are completely stuffed. We all sit around for a half hour or so then we each grab a rice bag and walk out to the field to start collecting them.  Earlier in the day some of the guys had already cut the watermelons off the vine and put them in small piles, all we had to do was go to the piles fill our bags with what we could carry and bring them back the 100yards or so and drop them in a pile.  After we collected them we counted them and put them in piles according to size and then ate a few more of the smaller ones.  As payment for helping, we each got to take a few home, so between me and little host brother we had six watermelons.  My host mother was happy along with the rest of the kids, they ate three of them right then when I showed up.
Lamin my host brother on the left unloading watermelons

Me double fisting

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  1. Do they taste just like a watermelon grown in GA? Same kind?