Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I just got back from about a week ago from an 18 day vacation.  I went to Guinea Conakry along with 6 other Peace Corps Volunteers.  It was a great trip.  We went to a small mountain village that is on the top of a large plateau about 3600ft and hiked for 6 days.  We saw large waterfalls, incredible cliffs, rock formations, caves and hiked through jungle like forests.  In this small village they grow their own coffee and sell it.  The entire six days we were drinking fresh coffee.  I am not a big coffee drinker but I am now.  I brought back over four lbs of coffee with me to drink.  It is now my morning tradition.   They also have large French bread in Guinea, it is over two feet long and cost about 30 cents and taste like French bread.  Another great delicacy I stumbled upon was basically the equivalent to corn flour donuts that are the size of a cue ball, I ate the heck out of them.  They It was a great break from The Gambia and life here it reenergized me and made me excited to get back to The Gambia. 
Crazy Guinean caterpillar
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On the way down we came to a river with a small ferry.  The way you get across is by pulling a large chain to get across.  It holds about six cars and as many people as can fit.  Well it broke down a couple hours before we got there and they said it wouldn’t be fixed until the following day.  So we decided to set up camp and call it a night.  I got the lucky bed of the hood one person slept next to the car in the grass and everyone else slept in the car.  We all didn’t really sleep all that well or much but it worked out.  We ended up getting across around the next day.
My bed

Guinean ferry system

water crossing

Labe, Guinea

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